In rural communities maternal care is very limited and woman offer suffer with complications during pregnancy and labour. Our mother and child services in the clinic are already dramatically improving this and we plan to build a purpose built mother & child unit opening in Spring 2018. 


The health and life expectancy of mothers are significantly impacted in areas of poverty and malnutrition. Consequently, infant mortality rate is also very high and 12% of children die before the age of five. We are constructing a new centre within the grounds of the Kikavu Clinic in order to provide specialist care to mothers and children and transform this problem. The centre will offer healthcare and antenatal support for pregnant women, mothers and children. This includes help with nutrition, dental care and an immunisation program.



Dr Julian & Dr Temu in the clinic


A mother & her baby receiving free healthcare


Dr Julian treating a young boy with a chest infection



Mothers have very little guidance during and after pregnancy, so we will be offering antenatal support, educational advice sessions and post natal care to monitor health and prevent complications. 



Complications with anaemia due to poor nutrition during pregnancy is very common. Poorer families have little access to fruits and vegetables so mostly eat maize and beans. By supplementing this with vitamins we have already seen a significant reduction in maternal mortality and baby birth weight has improved. 


Oral Hygiene

Pregnant women suffer with poor gums and dental complications. At our clinic we will offer free dental screenings for periodontal diseases and partnering with a local dental clinic for treatments.



It is important that babies are fully vaccinated, but more often than not families cannot afford to do this. We are providing free vaccinations for all babies in order to help reduce the high infancy mortality rate.