Our Kikavu clinic, led by Dr Temu, is unrivalled in the quality of care delivered in the region, providing free healthcare services to our residents



Many people in Tanzania live on less than a dollar a day, meaning that when it comes to paying for medical treatment their income is severely diminished. All patients receive a free consultation with the doctor and the residents of Kikavu are also entitled to free lab testing by taking part in our Community Care Action Plan. By ensuring their home meets the 10 key points to improve long term health and wellbeing, families receive free health care at the clinic. 


Teddy and Sofia doing the monthly lab report and confirming another  month malaria free


Dr Julian treating a very elderly patient from the community


David and Dr Temu laugh watching Dr Julian struggling with the equipment!


Medical Services

We currently offer free general medical services and healthcare at the clinic and have an onsite laboratory for all tests needed. We are also introducing an accredited Mother & Child centre and a specialised Diabetes centre at the start of 2018.


Clinical Service

We have our own laboratory enabling us to provide on-site patient testing. We monitor and test for a large variety of conditions, including diabetes, malaria, anaemia, malnutrition, diarrhoeal diseases, HIV and infections. Our dispensary is fully stocked with medicines required for local and general diseases. 


Clinical Staff

One of our fundamental visions is sustainabilty. All of our staff are employed locally to provide careers and education to the local community. Together Dr Temu and Dr Brown are ensuring that all our staff are trained to the highest level to enable sustainable quality healthcare.