Health Activists


Our Health Activists support their community by advising on when to seek healthcare and directing people to our clinic. They are working on the Community Care Programme to encourage families to meet the 10 points of the plan in order to improve their wellbeing and receive completely free health care. 

Our activists are trained to advise on preventing waterborne diseases and malaria, improving dental hygiene and the importance of a nutritious diet. In addition they will be helping in implementing our toilet programme and ensuring that our work is benefiting the community and helping contribute towards positive change.


Sofia showing our health activists the technique of toothbrushing


Our health activists enjoying learning about nutrition


Dr Temu explaining about malaria complications and prevention methods


Youth Empowerment Group


We are working with the community to set up a youth group to provide opportunities for young adults who have very little employable skills or economic opportunities. The group will be working together to hand craft bracelets, sew gift bags and paint greeting cards. By purchasing any one of these items you help provide positive change as all profits will support our health clinic and community projects continue.

Our gifts will be available for pre-order and purchase in time for Christmas 2018.