When Dr Julian visited Tanzania with Inter Care in 2014 he was touched by the difficult conditions the community were living in and saw there was a serious need for better healthcare. He felt he wanted to help somehow so shared his experience with his friend Reverend Jorge. Together they decided they could help make positive changes and founded Health Amplifier. 

Before Health Amplifier started supporting the community residents had to walk more than 10km to access health services. Dr Julian and Rev Jorge realised the community needed a functioning clinic in the region of Kikavu enabling specialist care to aid in the prevention of chronic diseases and manage existing conditions.  

In 2015, Health Amplifier invested in the completion of the Kikavu clinic, helped to employ and train local staff and provided medicines for patients. This level of support has ensured that it attracted dedicated clinicians from the local region, giving the residents of Kikavu access to the best treatment available. Now the clinic has more than 5000 patients receiving quality and free healthcare.

The Kikavu clinic is the foundation for our work and we are now able to expand and incorporate other community programmes designed to enhance quality of life.  With a team of passionate people who share a vision in positively changing healthcare, education and wellbeing we, along with the community, are excited to break this poverty cycle and see Kikavu thrive.