Clinical Care

Dr August Temu is the clinical lead for our Kikavu Clinic, which has been awarded full registration with the Tanzanian government and provides free healthcare services to our 12,000 local residents. All employees within the clinic are Tanzanian locals


Mother & Child

In rural communities maternal care is very limited and woman offer suffer with complications during pregnancy and labour. Our mother and child services in the clinic are already dramatically improving these statistics and we plan to build a purpose built mother & child unit in Autumn 2017.


Diabetes Care

Diabetes is a major cause of death in Northern Tanzania with very little education or monitoring of complications. We are introducing specialist diabetes services in the clinic to help improve these services, led by our co founder Dr Julian who specialises in diabetes. 


Community Care

Our community care programme allows the community to support each other with an extensive action plan to improve domestic and environmental sanitation and also improve nutrition and health education. This programme helps provide free healthcare.


Dental Hygiene

Sofia, our dentist, is leading our school dental health programme. By educating the importance of dental hygiene, supporting the daily routine of tooth brushing and treating pre-existing cavities she is helping to ensure that our children have the best and healthiest teeth possible. 


Malaria Prevention

Malaria was the single biggest killer for the region. Since introducing mosquito nets, education programmes, instant diagnosis kits and prompt treatment we managed to eradicate malaria from August 2016 to March 2017, during this time there were over 1000 negative screens for malaria.



Our local primary school
has 700 students and we are working in partnership to improve their overall wellbeing and education. We are assisting in improving nutrition, equipment and the health of our students. 


Social Empowerment

We are supporting the introduction of social enterprises within our community. We are particularly focusing on young adults to break the poverty cycle and increase opportunities. Our goal is to empower to a point where the community are completely self sustainable and no longer rely on our initial support.