We are working in partnership with our local primary school in supporting their health and educational needs.



We are working with the school on a number of projects to enhance the overall wellbeing of the students and increase development, health, concentration and opportunities in school.

The Kikavu school takes pupils from the ages of 5 to 13 and is currently heavily under-resourced. Dental hygiene and nutrition are poor with little education and understanding as to their importance. 


Some of the students brushing their teeth at the school


The boys standing with their oranges


The students waiting in line for their lunch, served by their peers


Oral Hygiene

We are working to instil the importance of good oral hygiene in order to reduce long term complications. Our toothbrushing campaign educates and motivates the students to brush their teeth every day. Along side this we provide screenings and treatments for periodontal diseases and cavities, common problems among the students. 


School Lunch

The school has very limited resources and this currently includes being unable to provide school lunches. Eating during the day is vital for energy, concentration levels and health so we are supporting the school in providing maize and corn. For just 40p a day per student we are able to provide them some food. 


Grow Bags

There is very little nutrition in the school lunches so in Autumn 2017 we are supporting the school create an allotment of grow bags filled with different types of spinach, which is rich in vitamins. The students will look after their vegetables and harvest the spinach to eat in their school lunches, so at least two days a week they have a more nutritious meal. 


Sports Equipment

The importance of sport in school encompasses physical and mental health benefits. We are providing a safe area with nets for volleyball, netball and football so the children will be encouraged to exercise. 

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Currently the children are sharing one textbook between five. We strongly believe  motivation to learn and concentration will improve if there was enough to share in pairs. We are working to collaborate with the government to support this.