Dr Sofia, our dentist, is leading our dental health programme. By educating the importance of dental hygiene, supporting the daily routine of tooth brushing and treating pre-existing cavities she is helping to ensure that our children have the best and healthiest teeth possible. 


Dental hygiene is a worldwide problem but something that has been neglected in third world countries where focus of interest is on other issues. Poor dental hygiene is recognised as having an impact on general health, school and work absenteeism, self confidence and social interaction issues, such as not smiling or speech impairments.  

We are very lucky to have our dentist working on improving the oral hygiene of the students in the primary school and the community members in need in Kikavu. 


The girls finding toothbrushing hilarious


A toothbrushing demonstration to the school


Spitting is an endless source of entertainment with the boys



Sofia is focusing on emergency management of cavities and periodontal disease in the school, as well as preventative treatments to avoid future cavities. She uses a sustainable and cost effective technique using hand tools and adhesive materials (Atraumatic Restorative Treatment), meaning no electricity is required. 



Sugar consumption in Tanzania is incredibly high and often the only time people brush their teeth, if at all, is once in the morning before breakfast and sugary tea. We have a tooth brushing programme in the school to instil the importance of tooth brushing so the children can establish a life long routine. 


Care for Mothers

Pregnant mothers often suffer with dental problems and inflammation of the gums because of hormone changes, making them more sensitive to bacteria and plaque. Once our Mother & Child centre has opened we will be offering free dental screenings and partnering with a local dental clinic to help with this. 


Care for Diabetes

Patients with diabetes often suffer with dental problems because their bodies struggle to fight infections. Once our new centre has opened we will be partnering with a local dental clinic to offer help for this.